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I’ve had some lovely feedback so far…

“Charisma and humour from the guide. She also gave a lot of historical info without ever being dry or boring.”
rose of england D Morrow
The Rose of England (Photo: @ChickenGrylls)

“The buildings and locations were varied and easily accessed on foot. The history of Watson Fothergill’s life and career was very interesting and described in an informative and professional manner.”

Queens Chambers D Morrow
At Queens Chambers (Photo: @ChickenGrylls)
“The route was well chosen and the length of time was just right. Just about the right amount of walking vs standing and listening and good opportunities to take photos. Delivered very well with a good balance of information about the buildings and Fothergill himself”
George Street D Morrow
Sneaking up on Fothergill’s Office (Photo: @ChickenGrylls)
“Informative but not overloaded. Relaxed but informative presentation style.”
Furley D morrow
At “Station Buildings” (Photo: @ChickenGrylls)
“I know a fair amount about Nottingham architecture and Fothergill in particular but there was stuff I’d forgotten or didn’t know. Lucy brought Fothergill alive with her lively descriptions.”